Vol. 1 No. 01 May/June (2008): Western Nigeria Journal of Medical Sciences

THis is the Front Cover of the Volume 1 of Western Nigeria Journal of Medical Sciences

I thank God for the privilege to write the editorial comment on this maiden issue of the Western Nigeria Journal of Medical Sciences (WNJMS). I heartily congratulate the authorities of the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) Teaching Hospital for floating the journal and appreciate their commitment to the same. Some may wonder why we are floating yet another journal in health sciences with several already existing in the academic market. The base of knowledge is continuously deepening and its space widening. The WNJMS intends to cut a niche for itself within this deepening base and widening space to disseminate the results of good quality research catering to the interest of international readership and especially of relevance to those in similar socio-economic environmental, geographical and cultural settings with ours. It has the promotion of excellence as its aim and hopes to become a good medium for the cross-fertilization of academic ideas.

The present issue contains articles spanning some areas of medicines. There is an invited article on laboratory diagnosis and monitoring of HIV infection. In addition, there are original investigative research articles on maternal tetanus immunization aspect of community medicine, the relationship between age and pregnancy outcome in obstetrics, cancer registry aspect in oncology, mental health and family support in family medicine, and peadiatric limb injuries in surgical trauma. There are also interesting review papers on chest medicine and the place of maggot debridement therapy in wound management as well as a case report on primary angiosarcoma of the breast.

Gabriel A. Oyedeji


Published: 01-05-2008