A review of tobacco‐related diseases in Africa


  • Tanimowo M. O


Tobacco‐related disease, Africa, Review


Objective: To highlight the problem of tobacco and tobacco‐related disease which has reached alarming proportions on the African continent. Methods: A literature search on tobacco and tobacco‐related disease in Africa was carried out through the internet (Medline) and locally. Data synthesis was carried out and synchronized under the headings: introduction, tobacco‐related disease, and recommendations. Conclusion: Diseases such as chronic obstructive lung disease, lung cancer, chest infections, hypertension, atherosclerosis, stroke and ischaemic heart disease (among others) have been on the increase due to the increasing smoking rate on the continent. Smoking also worsens the degree of poverty of the individual smoker in an already impoverished African setting. But tobacco‐related diseases are eminently preventable, hence African governments, legislators, health‐care providers, sociologists, teachers, community and religious leaders need to work together with strong determination to prevent and control this man‐made killer.

Western Nigeria Journal of Medical Sciences 2008 publication



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