Comparative effect of Nifedipine and Garlic (Allium sativum) on Renal toxicity induced by Hypertension in Wistar rats



  • Opeyemi Adeleke Osun State University
  • Gideon Thomas Osun State University
  • Benedict Falana Osun State University
  • Yinka Afolabi Osun State University
  • Joseph Dare Osun State University
  • Adewale Ajibade Redeemer's University


Renal toxicity, Garlic, Nifedipine, Hypertension, Wistar Rats



Research has shown that hypertension has lingering effect on several organs and the body in general. One of the most affected organs is a vital organ, the kidney. The aim of this study is to observe the effect of hypertension on the kidney and compare the therapeutic potential of Garlic and Nifedipine on the cyto-architecture and clearance rate of the kidney.


Twenty (20) male wistar rats weighing between 150-180 g were assigned into four groups (A,B,C,D) with each group comprising of five rats. Group A was designed as a control group which received 0.2 ml of normal saline. Group B received 3 mg/kg body weight of NaCl only, Group C received 3 mg/kg of NaCl and 3mg/kg of Nifedipine while Group D received 3 mg/kg of NaCl and 50mg/kg of Garlic for 28 days.


Administration of Sodium Chloride (NaCl) only in group B treated rats showed significant increase in Concentration of Troponin-T and degeneration of cardiac cells. These effects were lessened in groups C and D treated with NaCl co-administered with Nifedipine and NaCl co-administered with Garlic respectively. Renal-toxicity was observed in group B with significant increase in the concentration of Urea and Creatinine when compared with control and Group D rats. Histologically, Control and Group D rats showed normal glomeruli with normalĀ  mesangial cells, the renal tubules appeared normal with no signs of dilatations and the interstitial spaces appeared normal and cleared.


This study revealed that hypertension induced by NaCl caused reduced efficiency in kidney function (renal dysfunction) in Wistar rats and Garlic was effective in attenuating the effect of the hypertension on the kidney better than the administration of antihypertensive drug (Nipedipine).

Figure 1: comparison of concentration of Troponin T among the groups




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