The Amniotic Fluid Index in Normal Human Pregnancies in Southwestern Nigeria


  • Alao O. B.
  • Ayoola O. O
  • Adetiloye V. A.
  • , Aremu A. A.


Objective: To Establish the normal range of Amniotic fluid index (AFI) across gestation, to also determine the gestational specific boundaries of normal AFI for each week and to construct a normal curve of AFI in the studied population.

Design: Cross sectional prospective study.

Settings: Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital, Ile Ife.

Subjects: 500 pregnant women referred for routine antenatal ultrasound scan from 15 weeks to 41weeks were recruited.

Results: Our study showed a steady rise in AFI from 15weeks to 22 weeks with a subsequent drop at 25 weeks before rising gradually again and reaching maximum value at 41weeks. There was no significant difference between the main AFI for both term and preterm pregnancies in the study population.

Conclusion: The reference range of AFI used in clinical practice should be based on values obtained from the local population. The Range in our study between 15 and 40 weeks is 7.9 cm to 27.3cm. These
values obtained will assist the obstetrician in our environment in adequately assessing Amniotic fluid volume in Pregnancy and improving feto-maternal care there by reducing perinatal morbidity and mortality.



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