Cutaneous Defects In The Newborn


  • Elemile P. O
  • Joel-Medewase V. I
  • Fadero F. F
  • Oyedeji O. A


skin, defects, neonates


Background: There is a dearth of information especially in the African literature, on cutaneous defects in the new born. Anecdotal reports suggest that they are rare.

Aim: To determine the prevalence and types of cutaneous defects seen among babies delivered to mothers at the State hospital, Osogbo, South- Western Nigeria.

Method: Consecutive newborns admitted with their mothers in to the post natal ward between January 1st and March 31st 2006 were studied. The mothers were questioned about the ages and sexes of their babies as well as about any defects they had noticed on their babies' skin. Subsequently a thorough physical examination was carried out on all the babies. The information obtained was recorded in a proforma.

cutaneous defects. None of the defects seen was associated with any medical complications or underlying congenital anomalies. Regardless of their educational status, none of the mothers whose babies had defects had noticed them

Conclusion: Cutaneous defects in the new born are not uncommon. The new born should be properly examined in order not to miss them. Further studies need to be done to follow up the affected babies to find out the course of the defects.



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