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  • Tijani W.A
  • Oluyedun H.A


motivation, Job performance, cordial relationship


Background: Motivation is one of the most essential tools in getting the best out of employees in an organizational setup.
Objective: To find out methods used to motivate nursing staff in the University College Hospital (UCH) Ibadan in order to establish the cause of the frequent exodus of nurses to a foreign land.
Method: It is an exploratory study carried out from 5 to 10 October 2005. Two hundred nurses were chosen by a simple random sampling method and a self-developed questionnaire was administered to each of them. However, only 100 subjects returned
the questionnaire.
Results: It was found that the respondents were not satisfied with the hospital management as they believed they were not adequately motivated towards effective performance of their job. Consequently, 90% were planning to quit the UCH job in the nearest future and 56% were processing foreign jobs. The respondents cited the following as reasons for preferring foreign job to that of UCH: Inadequate nursing equipment - 12%, lack of credit for work done - 20%, poor salary 24%, and non recognition of additional certificates possessed by the nurses 42%.
Conclusion: For the Hospital to retain its nursing staff, Nurses in UCH need to be provided with comprehensive motivation packages.
Keywords: Motivation, Job Performance, Cordial

Western Nigeria Journal of Medical Sciences 2009 publication



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