Childhood Renal Disorders In Kano, Nigeria


  • Adeleke, S. I.
  • Asani, M. O.


renal disorders, preventive nephrology, primary health, consanguineous marriage


Background: Renal disorders causing significant morbidity in the third world need to be identified because of the necessity for early diagnosis and treatment in order to prevent chronic renal failure.
Objectives: The study is to demonstrate the spectrum of renal disorders and find out how it differs from those of other centres.
Methods: A prospective study of children with renal disorders was undertaken over six years (2003-2008). Case notes of all children in the renal register were analyzed. Information extracted were age, sex, duration of illness before presentation, occupation of parents, mode of presentation and clinical findings at examination, laboratory results, diagnosis, management and follow-up.
Results: There were 436 patients aged between birth and 14years. The commonest disorders in this series were nephrotic syndrome (27.5%), acute glomerulonephritis (21.8%). Acute renal failure (16.5%), urinary tract infection (14.9%) and chronic renal failure (5%). Less common disorders were obstructive uropathy, enuresis, neurogenic bladder, benign isolated heamaturia, nephrogenic diabetes inspidus and urolithiasis.
There was a remission rate of 60% among the nephrotic syndrome patients using various combinations of therapeutic regimes including salt-poor albumin, diuretics, and prednisolone. Acute glomerulonephritis which was preceded mostly by pyoderma rather than by pharyngitis was associated with a good prognosis. Urinary tract infection was probably underdiagnosed with no cases of vesico ureteric reflux. There were no cases of inherited metabolic or genetic disorders, even though there is prevalent cultural practice of consanguineous marriage.
Conclusion: From the frequencies of renal disorders, it is recommended that preventive nephrology at the primary health facility should be vigorously pursued.

Western Nigeria Journal of Medical Sciences 2009 publication



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