FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding WNJMS, the information on this page relates to numerous queries posed by authors. By compiling pertinent information and links on a single page, this FAQ page serves the dual function of assisting authors and mentors. We anticipate that this will increase transparency and perhaps be advantageous for aspiring writers. Please send an email to the Editor-in-Chief or Publication Manager, if you feel that some of the important information is missing from this page. Send in your query so that we can add the necessary data for simple access.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What standards apply to submissions to this journal?

The Western Nigerian Journal of Medical Science (WNJMS) is a unique publication that offers the chance to publish research done by undergraduate (Bachelor’s Degree), and postgraduate (Master’s Degree) students, professionals, and researchers. The following requirements must be met by writers to submit their research article to WNJMS you will find our author’s guidelines.

Is there a due date for the study article submission?

No, because WNJMS has a continuous publication approach, authors are free to submit articles at any time of the year. After peer review is finished and the paper is approved, it will be published right away in a current issue of the journal. For further information, see the For Authors page.

How much does it cost to publish in this journal?

Under the standard publication option, WNJMS publishes for no fee and without any additional costs (by default). However, publication fees might be added soon.

What should I take into account before submitting? 

• The essay must be properly formatted and written in the manner of a journal article. It should also be in Word file format, and if it was prepared in LaTeX, the PDF and source LaTeX files are also required.

• Formatted the piece following the author’s instructions.

• Just before the abstract section, include the complete contact information for students and supervisors.

• Before submitting anything to WNJMS, students must speak with and alert their supervisor. Each author is required to read the author’s code of conduct and be aware of the submission.

How should I submit my research paper?

The article must be submitted online using the simple, five-step approach described at the submission link. Please refrain from attempting to send your article to us via email as we only accept submissions made through the online system. 

What should I take into account when submitting?

  • Verify that you have met all the requirements for submission; write a note in the “comments for editors” box, which also serves as your agreement to the submission terms in step 1.
  • In step 2, upload the article file by choosing Article Text as the article component, or any other type. Additionally, attach a scanned copy of the ethical approval/exemption letter (in a pdf file) when the study involves people or animals by choosing the article component’s Ethical Approval option.
  • Step 3’s metadata should include the title, abstract, keywords, subject matter, references, and any other pertinent information. In this step 3, don’t forget to include all authors, including supervisors, under the contributors. At this stage, any missing or false information will result in the article being rejected outright.
  • You have the opportunity to go back and change any detail from step 4 onward. Click Finish Submission to complete the submission.
  • You will see the text of the submitted document in step 5 along with a few links to follow the progress of your submission.

Once you finish step 5, your submission is complete, and you will automatically receive an acknowledgment email shortly after (occasionally this email may be delayed somewhat or land in the spam/junk bin). Please get in touch with us for confirmation if, after up to 24 hours, you haven’t received the acknowledgment letter.

What happens now that my article has been submitted? 

We appreciate you sending us your research; it will now go through an editorial screening procedure before being peer-reviewed. For additional information on what happens next after submitting a journal article, click on the Article Submission on the Decision page.

Who will evaluate my essay?

We at WNJMS send papers to our trusted reviewers for evaluation. Since WNJMS uses a blind review procedure, the author will never know who reviewed their work. The Ethical Committee oversees the operation of WNJMS, and the journal’s editors and reviewers are the same academic authorities who serve on the editorial boards of all other worldwide refereed journals. Simply put, we ask that the reviewers prepare their reports more creatively while still upholding the standards of quality and scientific integrity, taking into account that some of the authors are less experienced researchers. Send an email to the editorial board if you are an active researcher with a Ph.D. or above and are interested in reviewing for this journal. Someone will get in touch with you for more information. 

How long would it take for the paper to be reviewed and published?

The author guidelines and the “about” section at this link both provide an estimate of the amount of time needed for review under the various available alternatives. After the article has gone through the review process and been accepted, it will take around a week to go through copyediting before being published online after obtaining any minor proofreading edits from the submitting author.

What is the procedure for this journal’s paper publication?

The submitted manuscript first goes through an initial editorial screening process, which this publication adheres to, and then goes through a peer-reviewing process. Visit the paper publishing process to learn more about the procedures.

What is the visibility and indexing of WNJMS?

Please refer to the indexing section for the most recent information on indexing and abstracting. WNJMS is currently accessible to the following:

  • Google Scholar
  • PKP Index

What is the WNJMS impact factor?

Only the web of science’s impact factor is considered to be standard and appropriate (earlier known as ISI or Thomson Reuters). We do not support or promote any other non-standard impact factors that can mislead authors and cause them to confuse them with the web of science impact factor. The Web of Science has not yet assessed this journal’s impact factor.

My conference paper has an extended version; may I submit it?

Yes, given that the conference paper hasn’t already been published in a journal, an extended version of the conference paper with 30% more work can be submitted to WNJMS. For information on the terms and conditions for accepting and considering your conference paper for publishing with us, get in touch with the editorial board.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions