Case report of congenital bilateral ectropion of the upper eyelids in a 6 year old boy with Down Syndrome

Introduction: Congenital ectropion is a rare but usually benign condition in which the upper eyelid is turned outward. It may be associated with Down syndrome, congenital lid disorders such as blepharophimosis syndrome, congenital ichthyosis and birth trauma. We report this case to call attention to, and improve the understanding of various paediatric caregivers about this rare condition, and to encourage prompt referral to the specialists when it is diagnosed.

Case Report: We report a case of congenital bilateral ectropion in a 6 year old boy with Down Syndrome. His condition was noticed at birth and he was admitted for two weeks from birth because of the eye; but was discharged home despite minimal improvement. His mother brought him to our facility because the problem persisted and the child also has tearing and recurrent purulent eye discharge. He was placed on topical antibiotics; the anxious mother was reassured and child was referred for surgery.

Conclusion: The condition is largely benign though complications may result from delayed and improper treatment.

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