A Massive Postpartum Mucinous Cystadenoma in a Teenager

Introduction: Huge ovarian cyst is seldom reported in the gravid-puerperium period, and delay in its diagnosis may result in unpleasant foeto-maternal outcomes.

Case presentation: A 19-year-old single lady presented with unresolved progressive abdominal distension three days after spontaneous vaginal delivery at a traditional birth attendant (TBA) home. Diagnostic and therapeutic laparotomy with salpingo-oophorectomy yielded a huge multicystic ovarian mass. The histopathology report revealed mucinous cystadenoma of the right ovary.

Conclusion: Post-partum huge ovarian cyst is rare, hence systemic approach is vital in its management to prevent postoperative complications, and recurrence as well as preservation of future fertility.

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